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The most critical issue of our day is the state of MEN. MANHOOD, has fallen on hard times. So many Male-Men have been beaten-up by the past, mired in consequences of bad choices, and confused and disoriented by a culture committed to redefining manhood. Manhood has been fractures, disguise and tormented.

We are witnessing the inevitable abuse of manhood. The last forty years has wreaked havoc on the authentic manhood. The feminization of men is displayed in a constant barrage of media imagery.

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With Dr. Calvin D. Camp and Lonnie Ratliff

Almost every male represented on television is either a metro-sexual pretty boy or a buffoon. Every reality show has to have its token feminine males and not true Male-Men . It’s embarrassing.  Manhood is having enormous repercussions on society. Some cultures are already reeling from the loss of the real man. 


Manhood is not guaranteed. It’s not an automatic thing, and it doesn’t come with age or birth. Real manhood is something that must be developed one decision at a time. In other words, manhood is a choice.  You must understand that there is a difference between being a MALE and being a MAN. One is by NATURE, and the other is by CHOICE. You are born as a MALE but you develop as a MAN by choice.  The intended role of a man has gradually shifted to a view that’s now become common – the notion that a man’s is predicated on his worldly success, by all means. We have become consumed with being THE man instead of A MAN.

True “Manhood” has lost the real prerequisite, and intimate relationship with God! When the Male Man re-establishes their connection with the creator God, we will see the real fruit the strength and effect of Manhood the way God originated it. 

  1. Strong Healthier Families,

  2. Stronger Communities

  3. A Society with Substance

  4. World Leaders who are equipped with Integrity and Purpose

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