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 Interview Guests Photos and Behind the Studio at Connect Radio Group


Dr. Dira Harris

Dr. Dira D. Harris

is an Educator, Public Speaker, and Author who has had practice ministering and speaking to individuals from the Baby Boomer Generation to Generation Y! Her unique background and life experiences make her literature both mature and yet still relatable.   She is a wife and mother, sister, friend and a forever hopeful romantic who believes in the idea of love and the endurance it brings.

Her most recent book is entitled: The Role of I in Commitment. This chapter book is an alluring read. It bridges emotions ranging from remorse, anger, sadness, joy and pure love related to experiences such as marriage, divorce, and heartache.  This non-fiction read includes personal experiences of the author and other women related to commitment. It helps to encourage women to identify The Role of I in Commitment.


Readers will understand the importance of first committing to love themselves before committing to love someone else. Chapters of the text include ideas related to loving God and self, developing healthy relationships, healing, and forgiveness.

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Dr. Dionne Arceneanx

Dr. Dionne Arceneanx

The life of Dr. Dionne Arceneaux, is a true life story that everyone needs to hear, Her testimony of her life from childhood trauma, domestic violence, abuse, and homelessness to triumph and redemption by the grace of God.  As we discuss her book "Not Until He Left".

Dr. Dionne Arceneaux,  is a pastor, spiritual life coach, author and motivational speaker.   She has been in full-time ministry for over 20 years.   Dr. Dionne holds an Executive Master's in Business Administration and a Doctorate in Education.   She currently serves as Director of Living Word Bible College and Pastor's a weekly women's bible study at Living Word Bible Church in Mesa, AZ.   She also serves as an adjunct professor for the Colangelo College of Business at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ.

Her testimony is truly a roller coaster ride from childhood trauma, domestic violence, abuse, and homelessness to triumph and redemption by the grace of God. Her life's mission is to help others overcome and master their journeys.  Pastor Dionne has a very unique style. Her quick wit, humor, southern charm and slight accent helps her capture an audience and keep them drawn in.   Her authentic and transparent teaching style show a true deep love for the Lord and helps her connect with those who hear her.

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Margaret Lang

Ms. Margaret Lang

Margaret Lang, is a mom, a friend, a former English teacher of thirty years, a real estate agent, and now an author. For many years she has taught and mentored students and friends always sharing her belief in possibility.   She has just experienced cancer and transformed her life by successfully meeting that challenge.  Hopefully, chronicling her journey will bring faith and hope to many others.

Margaret Lang, discuss about having Clarity, Vision and Focus in her NEW book and about hope, the tool needed to heal from cancer. Margaret Lang has lived through the diagnosis, the treatment and the deliverance from that dreadful disease. She has been encouraged to write about that journey in vivid detail to show where she got the strength for her wonderful healing.   The purpose of her book is to show Healing Is Possible and the means to attain it. 


Written in very personal terms, the journey she describes is meant to restore confidence to the cancer patient, family and friends, and even caregivers. Hope inspires strength. The healing of cancer demands both. Moving Forward is what it says: the inspiration for a miracle.

Asked what her purpose is in life, she refers to Psalm 26:7: "That I may make the voice of my thanksgiving heard and may tell of all Your wondrous works."

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Dr. Cortez Sims

Dr. Cotez D. Sims

Is a Mental Health Coach, Facilitator, Educator and Author.   Dr. Cortez D. Sims’ mission is to fan the flames of destiny and purpose in your life.   With a passionate soul-stirring style of delivery, Dr. Sims has captivated audiences around the globe.   Dr. Sims introduces concepts and principles with his customized

 step-by-step Life Enhancement System, called The S2S, catapulting you into increased productivity and growth.


Recognized as the “Intervention Counselor,” Dr. Sims specializes in family and community crisis, life coaching and relationships.   He has been given the innate ability to skillfully guide his peers, youth, adults, and seniors through areas of difficulty, dysfunction and stagnation. The S2S System establishes a road map to accountability,

self-discovery, healing and restoration. This allows his diverse client base to live their best lives.

Dr. Sims, began his career as an interim educator, teen mentor and behavior interventionist. In 2013, Dr. Sims, followed his passions to launch several entrepreneurial ventures that awarded him success in organizational leadership, national sales teams, and the barber and beauty industry in the southwest region of Arizona. Dr. Sims has produced three self-publication books titled,“Speechless Conversations”A Poetic Style of Life Lessons & Perspectives in 2014, “Quotes on Napkins”Snacks of Inspiration for the Heart & Soul in 2016, and “Qualified, Bur Not Preferred! A Cost For Being Yourself in 2020.

Dr. Sims, "the teacher-student" is called to inspire the nations one community at a time. He targets the brokenhearted, the complacent, and the hungry with simple provoking methods that impact the soul being. 

Dr.. Sims, facilitates over 20 years from the provened machines of professional education, more than 15 years of biblical & entrepreneurial principles catered in his leadership workshops and seminars.   Dr. Sims, delights in fulfilling his purpose by the sole evidential testimonies of others who have lived generation after generation.

Dr. Calvin D. Camp

Dr. Calvin D. Camp, provides Crisis Intervention Counseling, and Pastoral Care.   Dr’s. Camp, is  co-founded and incorporate the ministry known as Cross Roads Christian Fellowship of Stockbridge Inc. Presently the ministry, conducts Weekly Worship Services, and Weekly Bible Study’s, and Weekly Corporate Prayer. 


Dr’s. Camp’s is certified Prepare/ Enrich marriage counselors through Georgia Family Counsel as well as creators and facilitators of ministerial curriculum, and credentialing.  Dr. C. D. Camp,  developed the outreach program called the Men of Distinction sessions (Men’s Mentoring ages 13-100).

Dr. Camp graduated with his doctorate in Christian Theology from (I.M.I Pensacola FL., Chancellors
Dr. Christian & Dr. Robin Harfouche) under the ministerial covering of Apostolic Global Church Pensacola, FL.

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Dr. Calvin D. Camp

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