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Dr. Dira Harris PhD.

Dr. Dira D. Harris is an Educator, Public Speaker, and Author who has had practice ministering and speaking to individuals from the Baby Boomer Generation to Generation Y! Her unique background and life experiences make her literature both mature and yet still relatable.


She is a wife and mother, sister, friend and a forever hopeful romantic who believes in the idea of love and the endurance it brings.

Her most recent book is entitled: The Role of I in Commitment. This chapter book is an alluring read. It bridges emotions ranging from remorse, anger, sadness, joy and pure love related to experiences such as marriage, divorce, and heartache.


This non-fiction read includes personal experiences of the author and other women related to commitment. It helps to encourage women to identify The Role of I in Commitment.


Readers will understand the importance of first committing to love themselves before committing to love someone else. Chapters of the text include ideas related to loving God and self, developing healthy relationships, healing, and forgiveness.

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