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The Informational News Truth Network

Informational Truth that . . .

                Empowers you and Help you Succeed

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Now You Can LISTEN on: 

"Connect Radio Group" is a privately held media Podcast radio company in the Atlanta, Georgia, area.  Producing quality niche digital talk radio programs for the world and to the streaming podcasting communities. 

Radio programs that are designed to be Uncompromise, Truthful, Empowering, Inspiring, Impactful and Uplifting.  Content that will elevate good positive action that will have an impact on Communities and on the world.   Focusing on Empowering Topics, Cultures and Traditions on a global scale. 

Digital  radio programs that explore people, places and events, that are relevant to common listening audience. 


Connect Radio Group can be heard "NOW"on Apple Podcast, iHeartRadioSpotify,

Amazon Music, Podbean, Google Podcast, TuneIn, and Listen Notes Podcast.   


Coming SOON to Connect Radio Group  iTunes, ROKU, Amazon FIRE TV, Apple TV and many other podcasting destinations streaming media.

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Coming Soon on These Destination Sites

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